The Wagon Lady of Savannah Georgia

A    T e s t i m o n y     T h a t     M a y     C h a n g e     Y o u r     L i f e !


R E M a r k a b l e   Q u o t e s   o f   T h e   M o n t h

"Sharing Our Survival Story While Living The INpossible Dream."

"Never Mind Where I'm From.... Watch Where I'm going."

"You are the miracle you are waiting for... unfold your YOUniqueness."

"Every small victory is a salute to the coming triumph... celebrate your victories... big and small"

Ms. R.E.Milano

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"People look at me, then they look at my wagon and they smile saying, 'you pushed that from Savannah to Atlanta?'  I smile back wondering if they think I am too big a woman or the wagon is too big for this woman... lol... 'Yes, I am the one pushing this wagon.'  Then they proceed to say, '...You must be fit.'   Knowing darn well I am unfit for the task, I laugh responding... 'it is not the condition of the vessel but of it's ticker.'  Desire to Love and be loved is the strongest force in the universe.  I love my sister and I have given our love a voice... one which will live on in The Historic Walk of Love. Who could do an event like this and not only change life but be changed by it?  I met people from the Ghetto to the Meadow and learned that what mankind truely requires is to be loved, appreciated and respected... void this and devastation remains."  

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